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Download: what do I have to do to install it correctly on the notebook? A: That software is for printers and cannot be used for USB key generation or managing. Q: Accessing Controls by dynamic reference in Silverlight I've got a collection of items, each of which contains two controls; the first contains two more. By doing a ToList, the first two are aggregated. I need to get the innermost control from the resulting list. This is a simple loop, but it's not possible to perform any actions on the controls. So how can I get the controls? foreach (var item in items.Where(x => x.ItemType == System.Windows.Controls.Image)) { // Do nothing } As a further note, I'm working with C# 4.0, so LINQ is not an option. I'd like to stick to the features in Silverlight 2.0, though. How about using LINQ to do this? It is available in Silverlight 2.0 and up. items.Where(x => x.ItemType == System.Windows.Controls.Image).SelectMany(x => x.ChildControls) Remember that LINQ is all about transforming collections of objects (or lists). ChildControls is of type IEnumerable, so you need to project it before accessing the property. Inmates at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London are refusing to eat and drink, fearing a violent reaction to a UK order to turn them over to the Ecuadorian government. The Ecuadorian Embassy, located near Regents Park, south of Hyde Park, was taken over earlier this year by representatives of Ecuador's President, Rafael Correa, after he claimed to have proof that the British government had kidnapped one of his citizens. Ecuador's foreign ministry has insisted that the embassy, which is also a diplomatic mission, is being used as a "refuge for criminals." It has called for the alleged kidnap victim's immediate extradition to face trial for corruption. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has refused to comply with the demands and has ordered




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Netsupport Manager 10.5 Crack Key Generator janasad

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