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Blog post 2- Is the final product more important than the design and production process?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

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To me the production process is the result of all the hard work, dedication, critical thoughts and processes that has been conducted within the assignment to achieve the final product. It is found that production process is quite important over the final product as the progress throughout shows the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the final product and the hard work and progress shown without to get the overall product.

It was established the positive impact the production process has over the final product as it works as a method to conduct ideas and innovate the progression throughout. This process gave much inspiration into going forth to create my assignment as I knew the processes of my assignment was crucial for the final product.

Mau (2014) stated "To say that the end result is what counts is just not true… Rather, a good designer is more concerned with the process; that winding, potholed road he embarks upon", who also articulates the importance that is shown through the process and how it makes a fairly good designer of a product. Also, established through (Beckler-Jones,April 6) that "Having a design process allows us to be more efficient and transparent when we are designing" showing the large benefits the production process entails rather then the final product as without the production process their would be no clear final product within the Assignment.

Also, Jesse prehodick a senior product designer establishes that it sets "clear expectations and decreases risks of failure" exploring how the production process is far more important and crucial to ensure the final product is clear and works well all together.

As a future educator (Pre-service teacher), this will serve as a large part within both studying and in the classroom as it has become extremely useful and helpful as it provided me with many reasonings on why the production process has proven to be an effective aspect before the final product even though the final product is the most interesting the production process is what gets it to the point it is today.


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