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Blog post 3- Changes in technology impact on the way humans communicate, and the ethical issues.

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

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Technology has shaped and altered the way individuals communicate. Speaking from my own perspective, I have found technology to have an extreme impact on the way I communicate as an individual, whether that be the way I communicate with my friends or family.

Advantages within technology would definitely be communication. Technology allows us to communicate, sharing ideas and thoughts all over the world. Many individuals say it’s extremely useful in assisting each-other with teaching strategies they can communicate to one another. It allows individuals to communicate faster as stated through Wong "Many people need to communicate in different locations. Technology allows us to easily connect with people worldwide using our choice of forums Wong, W. (2017)." Also, Zachary Fenell raises the point of how a positive impact would be the socialisation influence as it effectively assists individuals to socialise in a fast manner enabling them to keep in touch with peers and work colleagues.

As much as the benefits of communication through technology has been found to be a successful way of communicating, it also has some ethical issues that have been considered. An example of this may be when teachers are allowing students to use technology, they need to ensure it is being used correctly to ensure they are not on any inappropriate sites. Communicating through technology can be harmful as students may communicate with random individuals that may not be who they say they are relating to potential danger. It is important for an educator to remind students of how careful they need to be on the net as well as reminding parents to keep a watch of their children and the activity that is occurring online.

An ineffective aspect of communicating through technology would be a concern that arises on a frequent basis "cyber bullying". Communicating through technology is one of the easiest ways to access into the world of cyber bullying as many individuals feel more superior, therefore sending something that is often inappropriate. I think this is something that teachers should approach children on by making them aware of the ongoing issues that arise. Tim Woda states "The results have been devastating. With teen suicide on the rise, acts of violence increasing, and more victims being identified, it has affected not only their personal lives, but their education as well", establishing the rise of concern that is continuous and only getting worse due to the 24 hour access of communication online.

As a future educator, I will make aware the concerns and ethical issues that may arise with technology and ensure that I influence parents to watch the activity also at home. However, on the bright side I will also be educating my students on the wonderful access we have to communicating through technology that is not only within our country but globally which effectively opens so many doors for their futures.

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