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Extra blog post - To tweet or not tweet? Is a question that stands and arises.

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

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Twitter is one aspect of social media that I feel is an effective and valuable networking system for teachers to communicate with one another. I have quite a strong passion towards tweeting as it is a sufficient way of allowing growth to occur.

Twitter was first introduced to me in my COMMS140 class where I then learnt about the benefits and effectiveness it brought not just within the classroom but between teachers and how they communicate and share ideas. The teachers of COMMS140 all have a twitter account where they communicate thoughts and ideas on interests or even things to do with class discussions that they think will be beneficial to share. Experiencing this within my class encouraged me to make a twitter account of my own to communicate with individuals that share same passions, thoughts and ideas both at University and being a pre service teacher, while also connecting with my teachers and getting ideas and thoughts of them to build my twitter account as well as developing my resources through Colleagues and teachers for my future teaching career.

It has been clear that twitter has been a platform that is beneficial for teachers as it is discussed through O'Neil through the national education association, "once you get the hang of it, says O’Neal, Twitter is an easy, time-friendly way of connecting with other educators and engaging your students". It therefore shows the large acceptance that is becoming with twitter and this is due to the easy and successful way of communicating with both other teachers as well as students. Not only is twitter a great asset for the communication process, but, it "provides many of the same benefits as other social media but much, much faster", establishing that it can be effective in access resources much more quickly and allowing for the enhancement and growth of professional development.

As a future pre service teacher, I feel that twitter will have an effective impact on me as I will be able to gain resources and communicate with so many individuals to enhance my knowledge and ensure I am ready for my future as a teacher. This will also allow for me to enhance my own growth of professional development and gain all the resources I need for my future teaching career.


Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching?Twitter won't change your life, but it might make your job more fun and a little easier[online article].

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Rachel Iveli
Rachel Iveli
Sep 18, 2019

Hey Allyssa,

I really enjoyed reading this blog, it was well written.

What I would suggest though if you are to re-write this blog, not to be too repetitive as I feel this blog post has ideas that are repeated. This article relates well to what you are trying to convey, Caron’s article “a framework for teaching with twitter and storify” (Caron, R. 2016, pg. 487-489) which examines the effectiveness of implementing social media to teach basic epidemiology concepts and the use of social media to increase and develop student knowledge. This was a good read, but I would like to see how it will be implemented in the your future teaching and how they will use it for educational…


Monika Rosic
Monika Rosic
Sep 15, 2019

You have made some really useful and informative points towards the social media platform, twitter. The experiences you have linked back to align perfectly with your topic, creating an enticing argument to your driving question. In your blog, you use reliable literature to consolidate your points. You have successfully used both “theory and experience to explain” your thoughts, a major aspect of reflective writing (Ryan, 2011, p 101). Some suggestions to further your blog post may be the mention of Professional Learning Networks (PLN). You mention that twitter allows teachers to communicate which gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss how twitter is a successful PLN. Check out this reading to assist you in this topic!

Perez, L. (2012). Innovative…

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